Renovation of an apartment building

Renovating an apartment building: a complex process and a major investment

Renovate your apartment building with the help of Makro Ehitus OÜ. We dedicate ourselves to each project on an individual basis and ensure the best renovation services, covering everything from façade and roof works to insulation, roof raising and new apartment construction.

Renovation value

What is the value of the construction of an apartment building? Firstly, it is important for both residents and the city as a whole, improving the surrounding environment and the quality of life for residents. Secondly, the renovation will increase the value of the apartment building and the area – the apartment building will stand out and become more attractive with a beautiful and shiny façade. Thirdly, an apartment building with insulation and a new heating and ventilation system will help residents to significantly reduce their utility bills. Finally, renovation reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the need for constant repairs.

Replacement of the roof of an apartment building

Replacing the roof is an important part of renovating an apartment building. This not only improves the appearance of the building, but also protects it from the elements. Replacing the roof helps prevent leaks, promotes better ventilation and reduces maintenance costs. In addition, it will increase the energy efficiency and lifetime of the building.

The roof replacement process can be complex and requires thorough preparation. It starts with the removal of old materials, followed by the repair of the sub-roof and the installation of new materials.

In the initial phase of roof replacement, the old roof covering is completely removed. In some cases, it may also be necessary to reinforce or even replace the roof structure.

After the preparation phase, the installation of the new roof begins. High-quality materials are used to ensure the long-term protection and durability of the building. After the roof has been installed, the finishing work is carried out, including the installation of fascias, trims and penetrations.

Replacing the roof brings a number of advantages. Firstly, it significantly increases the value of the building, which is important if you ever plan to sell the property. Secondly, the new roof will significantly improve the appearance of the building, which will increase its attractiveness for both current and potential residents. Thirdly, the new roof also improves the weatherproofing of the building, protecting it from moisture, leaks and damage.

Makro Ehitus is committed to providing quality roof replacement services that meet the highest standards. Our team will take care of the entire process, from the initial assessment to the final finishing touches, ensuring that the roof of your apartment building is professionally installed and ready to last for many years to come.

Apartment building insulation

Thermal insulation is also critical in the renovation process. This will help reduce energy consumption, improve indoor climate and increase comfort. The insulation process involves several stages, including the selection, installation and finishing of the insulation material.

Replacement of the façade of an apartment building. Wood cladding

Replacing the wooden façade is a great way to give your apartment building a new look. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, replacing a wooden façade has a number of practical benefits, including protecting the building from weather damage, improving thermal insulation and increasing the energy efficiency of the building.

Façade work on an apartment building. Plastering

Plastering is the final stage of the insulation process, which helps to improve the appearance of the building and prolong its lifetime. Plastering helps to protect the insulation material and ensures that the building retains heat better. In addition, it improves the building’s protection against moisture and pests.

Overview of the renovation process

The renovation process involves several stages. First, the process starts with the definition of design conditions and the design. It is also important to find out how to get a loan to help cover the cost of renovation. Makro Ehitus is ready to support you throughout the entire process, ensuring that all aspects, from design to final finish, are carried out in a professional and timely manner.

Individual approach

The strength of our company lies in our personalised approach. Each building is unique and therefore we approach each project individually, taking into account the specific characteristics of the building and the needs of the residents.


Are you interested in renovating your apartment building? Contact us by phone +372 58437636 or by e-mail for more information or to discuss your project. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and are committed to making your property renovation a successful and stress-free venture. Makro Ehitus is your partner in apartment building renovation, offering its services in Tallinn and Harju County.

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