Renovation of a house


Renovating a house is a very serious project and requires thorough preparation. With a good plan and a proper project, an old house can be turned into a brand new house, which is as beautiful, functional and energy-efficient as the new one. A professionally renovated house is a good choice if the house’s structures and foundations are in good condition and if the existing situation allows it to be rebuilt to your specifications.

House renovation project
Depending on the scale and nature of the work required, in many cases a renovation project will need to be drawn up and agreed with the municipality/authority. We will help you to identify the need for this during the consultation and, if you wish, we can organise the design and coordination.

Heating system
The installation of a new and efficient heating system is essential. We install air-to-water heating systems, gas heating and geothermal heating, among others. As an in-house solution, we recommend water underfloor heating, which ensures even heat distribution throughout the room and helps to save on energy costs, as well as not creating as much dust in the air as radiators.

Ventilation system
Again, a ventilation system with heat balancing saves energy consumption because the heat exchanger heats the fresh air entering the house with the warm air leaving the room. A proper ventilation system measures and automatically adjusts air temperature, CO2 levels and humidity to ensure an ideal indoor climate. The system also detects and reacts to bacteria and dust. When there are more people in the house, the system switches to faster speeds, and when there are no people at home, it goes into economy mode – a very worthwhile investment!

Thermal insulation
It is not worth compromising on insulation. This helps keep heating costs down and saves money. There is a very wide range of insulation materials. In terms of space saving, it makes sense to use modern materials for insulation. Kingspan is one of the best choices for this, with quick and easy installation. It is unrivalled for warmth. For more in-depth information on the different parts of the house and the work involved, see our other articles:

Facade works



Replacing windows

Here we recommend the use of windows with a 3-pane glass package. They are much more heat-retaining and sound-proof than a 2-pack. The price is not significantly more expensive.

Water and sanitation
A complete renovation of the water and sewerage system is a must, as well as a new and proper electrical installation.

House interior works
There are a lot of different options when it comes to interior design planning, we will be happy to introduce them to you and help you create a beautiful, functional and complete interior! Be sure to take a look at our gallery to find inspiration for your home.

Closing words
Trust the renovation of your old house to Makro Ehitus OÜ! Working as a team, we will achieve the desired end result and you will have the home you have been dreaming of!

  • Identification of project conditions (if necessary)
  • Preparation of cost estimates for design and construction works.
  • Ordering an assessment report for a house
  • Homeowner’s negotiations with banks (most houses are renovated with the help of loans).
  • Conclusion of a contract
  • Design, project coordination with the Contracting Authority and the local authority (if necessary).
  • Demolition
  • Construction
  • Finishing
  • Handover of the works to the Contracting Authority and submission of the certificate of occupancy to the municipality.

Site survey
We start by meeting you at the site to get to know the situation and get as accurate an overview as possible of your requirements.

House renovation price
After a thorough review of the current situation, we will prepare a detailed quotation for the desired works, taking into account any other necessary (related) works.

Design and approval
We help design both exterior and interior solutions, prepare projects and approve them in the building register.

Renovation work
Before construction work starts, the project manager prepares a comprehensive action plan. During the works, the Contracting Entity will be kept informed of the various work processes and will be kept up to date with the planned activities.

Handover of works and training
Completed works are handed over to the Contracting Entity. If necessary, training will be provided (heating and ventilation system, parquet maintenance, etc.). gif maker 1

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House renovation in Tallinn, Nõmme

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