Apartment renovation


Planning to renovate or update your apartment seems like a complicated undertaking? To make sure everything runs smoothly and the result is the best, it’s right to use specialists in their field.

Apartment renovation has been on the list of core activities of Makro Ehitus OÜ for more than 11 years. We offer a high-quality, end-to-end solution that speeds up the process and helps keep costs under control. For a more in-depth look at the issue: Bathroom renovation and Kitchen renovation.

We will prepare a detailed quotation with no hidden costs. Thanks to this, the final cost is known before the work starts.

When it comes to changing the layout of your apartment and choosing the finishing materials, feel free to ask our interior designers for help – carefully thought-out solutions will give your home a whole new meaning.

*Renovation of an apartment and repair of an apartment have the same meaning in this article.

What is the cost of renovating an apartment?

The cost of repairing an apartment is made up of many different factors and can vary greatly from case to case. Here are a few examples of how it works.

In this description, we consider that the condition of the apartment’s structures and the main building materials are in an average state and that there is not much existing furniture that needs to be packed, stored or disposed of.


Repairs to the apartment are close to sanitary repairs – Surface course changes and simple finishing work (plastering and painting) are carried out, the subfloors are not straightened separately – the minimum possible levelling is carried out with surface course materials. In the case of bathrooms, tiling is more likely to be done on top of existing tiles using a special primer that adheres well. The apartment achieves a nice and clean finish, but warps and uneven areas are allowed.
Price from 250EUR/m2+km


Bathroom walls and parts of walls in contact with kitchen furniture are straightened and levelled, as well as subfloors are partially straightened (e.g. under kitchen furniture and where there are major uneven areas), while in other areas no subfloor straightening is carried out (i.e. no plastering, plaster installation and subfloor levelling). Where possible, bathroom walls will be demolished and new, straight and sturdy ones built. Repairs to the apartment include water, sewerage and electrical works according to the norms. Finishing: walls and ceilings are covered with 2-3 coats of chipboard, primed and painted – all corners will be fairly straight and the surface layers will remain nice and smooth. Some unevenness is allowed.
Price from 425EUR/m2+km

The apartment renovation starts with a thorough demolition – all possible and necessary parts from walls, ceilings and floors to the structure (including unstable and curved lightweight partition walls) are demolished before the work starts, in order to build a strong frame and install other durable substrate materials. The entire apartment will have a new, solid subfloor with a single level throughout. New straight lightweight walls will be built (with changes to the layout if desired and possible) and the parts of the walls that come into contact with the kitchen furniture, bathroom walls, door surrounds will be plastered; all horizontal and vertical corners and the back of the skirting boards will be plastered straight.

All surfaces are chip-sealed 2-3 times, primed and painted. Water, sewerage and electricity works will be carried out in accordance with the norms, taking into account the rheostat and cotter switches. Renovating your apartment includes identifying the best bathroom layout (we suggest different solutions and draw up a plan), as well as making sure that plugs, switches and light fittings are in the right place, and that doors are positioned and open as comfortably as possible. We will also calculate the cost of tiles, parquet and other additional materials and deliver everything to the site (the client only has to find the right products and send us pictures of them).
Price from 675EUR/m2+km

The key features of the Lux Class include: a professional interior designer (included in the contract), functional and luxurious interior design, soundproofing, concealed doors with hinges, no-frills transitions, marble tiles, light-boxes, wall panels, integrated furniture solutions and much more to create a true dream home. Beauty, functionality, quality guaranteed!
Price from 900EUR/m2+km

Is the apartment cold?
Are your heating bills too high?
Why do toes get cold?

Here are some simple solutions to improve the situation

  • Replacing windows:
    if the apartment has single or double glazing, it is a good time to consider triple glazing. Since the thermal conductivity of a 2-pane package is 1.1 W/m2K and that of a 3-pane package is 0.50-0.70 W/m2K, this means that a 3-pane package is 2 times more efficient!

    If your home already has 3-pane windows but you can still feel the cold around them, it’s worth checking the quality of their installation and cold bridges.

  • Ceiling insulation:
    If the apartment is on the top floor, be sure to check the ceiling. This can usually be done by a tour of the attic. If there is not enough insulation material on the ceiling of an apartment or if the existing materials are installed sloppily, you can immediately reduce the heat loss considerably by a rather inexpensive undertaking! It is certainly a good idea to check that the insulation material is still nice and dry – wet insulation material is not effective.
  • Floor insulation:
    If your toes tend to get cold and cool air breathes from underneath the furniture, it’s worth planning to insulate the floor. Insulating a floor is a little more complicated than the previous activities, as it usually requires the removal of the existing floor covering and the materials underneath. You’ll need to plan a bit more in advance for this work, and it’s a good idea to find a temporary place to live while the repairs are being carried out. But when the job is done – you’ve got the right layer of materials under the parquet and your toes are no longer freezing – you can be sure it was worth it.
  • Wall insulation:
    If the walls are cold and the corners are mouldy, it is a good idea to call in a specialist to assess the situation or to contact the housing association. It is often best to approach wall insulation from the exterior façade of the house.
  • Replacement of the heating system:
    The apartment may have different heating solutions. In the case of a localised apartment-based system (e.g. gas boiler-fired radiators), the apartment owner has the option of hiring a specialist to assess the existing situation and explain what options are available to improve the existing situation. If it is a house-based or district heating system, you should contact the housing association and ask whether the system should be checked, renovated or replaced.

Site survey
We start by meeting you at the site to get to know the situation and get as accurate an overview as possible of your requirements.

After a thorough review of the current situation, we will prepare a detailed quotation, taking into account any special requests you may have.

After reviewing the quotation, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions, and will then adjust the work plan, volumes and prices to suit your needs and requirements. We will then negotiate the terms and conditions, draw up and sign a Contract for Work.

Planning the work and sharing information
Before construction starts, the site manager prepares a comprehensive action plan. During the works, the Contracting Authority will be kept informed of the various work processes and will be kept informed of the planned activities.

Handover of works and training
Completed works are handed over to the Contracting Entity. If necessary, training will be provided (heating and ventilation system, maintenance of materials, etc.).

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Apartment renovation in Tallinn, Pirita

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Apartment renovation in Tallinn, Pirita

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Apartment renovation in Tallinn, Nõmmel

Apartment before and after renovation

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