Façade works


A new and thoroughly renovated façade is a worthwhile investment in every sense of the word, and the house will look as good as new when the work is finished!

The house will be:

  • heat and energy consumption costs are reduced by a factor of several times (energy savings are further supported by roof insulation of the roof and floor, read more: Renovating your house)
  • the structure is protected and the building will remain stable for a long time
  • It doesn’t get hot indoors in summer
  • Significant increase in house value

We carry out a variety of façade insulation and finishing works: wooden façade, plaster façade and other materials.

Call for a consultation – we can help you find the best solution, draw up a project if necessary and coordinate the construction with your local authority.

Contact us: tel: +372 58437636 or e-mail: kristo@makroehitus.ee

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