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A clean and beautiful bathroom will put you in a good mood in the mornings and act as a relaxing oasis after a long day at work. Overhauling a bathroom is an extensive job, and it is wise to hire experienced contractors. It’s a job we’re always happy to do. Makro Ehitus can help you achieve the end result you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Space planning and demolition
Planning is all about space planning – whether to keep a bath or shower, where to put cupboards, washing machine and other appliances. Bathrooms in prefabricated houses are often very small, and demolishing the partition between the toilet and the bathroom can help to make the space more spacious.

2. Installation of utilities and electrical work
When designing the space, it is important to pay attention to the location of sewerage and water pipes and electrical sockets. With modern solutions, all pipes and cables are installed behind the walls out of sight, making it much easier to keep the bathroom tidy afterwards. It is essential to install ventilation and a heating system in the bathroom to prevent mould and mildew from excessive humidity.

3. Levelling and waterproofing
It is important to insulate the bathroom from moisture to prevent damage caused by damp. Walls and floors also generally need levelling to prepare the surfaces for tiling and finishing.

4. Bathroom tiling and finishing
The range of finishing materials is wide and offers plenty of opportunities to find interesting solutions. Horizontally placed ceramic tiles create a sense of spaciousness in a room, and when tiling you can feel free to combine contrasting colours such as brown and white or black and white. This principle also applies to furniture.

5. Plumbing and furniture installation
Plumbing installation requires special skills and previous experience, then everything will be right and last.

Bathroom renovation is quite a big job, and it’s definitely worth considering scheduling the rest of the apartment at the same time – it’s all done in one go and it’s cheaper. Read more Apartment renovation and Kitchen renovation!

Bathroom renovation and its cost is made up of many factors and can vary greatly from case to case.

Typically, bathroom renovation prices start at around 1500 EUR/m2, meaning that the cost of renovating a bathroom in an average apartment, including a toilet, which is…
of 3.5m2 will cost from EUR 5250.
This price then includes all the demolition and construction work, rubbish removal and transport. Price excludes tiles and sanitary ware, furniture and other furnishings.

If the bathroom is still too small and you somehow don’t want to fit everything you need in it, a good solution is to make the space bigger. We will be happy to help you find the best possible solutions and carry out a bathroom renovation!

Site survey
We start by meeting you at the site to get to know the situation and get as accurate an overview as possible of your requirements.

After a thorough review of the current situation, we will prepare a detailed quotation, taking into account any special requests you may have.

After reviewing the quotation, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions, and will then adjust the work plan, volumes and prices to suit your needs and requirements. We will then negotiate the terms and conditions, draw up and sign a Contract for Work.

Planning the work and sharing information
Before construction starts, the site manager prepares a comprehensive action plan. During the works, the Contracting Authority will be kept informed of the various work processes and will be kept informed of the planned activities.

Finding a space solution
Bathrooms are often small and to make sure that everything you need fits in, is beautiful and functional, and that as much space as possible is preserved, you need to think through all the details. Makro Ehitus has the solution – we have renovated and rebuilt hundreds of bathrooms and thanks to this we have developed many great solutions! In the first phase of construction, we propose different options and, in cooperation with the Client, put the most suitable drawing on paper.

Handover of works and training
Completed works are handed over to the Contracting Entity. Where necessary, training will be provided (heating and ventilation system, maintenance of materials and sanitary equipment). gif maker 4 1

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Bathroom renovation in Tallinn

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Bathroom renovation in Tallinn

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