Small house design and construction

We design and build small houses

We provide our customers with high-quality mini-houses. The houses are energy efficient and unique. We always think through the design to ensure the best beauty and use of space in a small house. We offer houses with bespoke furniture, made exactly for your house and your taste.

House Construction Planning

Successful house building starts with careful planning. At Makro Ehitus OÜ, we start the process with an individual consultation to understand the needs and preferences of your dream home. We will then prepare a detailed quotation, including design, construction works and the necessary materials.

Conclusion of a contract

The quotation will be followed by detailed pre-contractual negotiations, during which we will clarify the content of the quotation and adjust it together with the Contracting Entity to the desired final result. Signature will take place once all the details have been discussed and agreed.

small house design

Designing a house is an interesting process, and there are many different ways to go about it. For a good final result, it is necessary to know the future location of the building, the needs and preferences of the owner, the users of the building and the planned uses. Once we have all the preliminary information, the first sketches will be made and the unique final result will be designed.


Building the foundation
Bringing communications to the house
Erection of timber frame walls and roofing
Thermal insulation
Roofing installation
Façade roofing installation
Rainwater system installation
Heating system installation
Interior finishing and bathroom fitting out
Installation of kitchen furniture and kitchen appliances
Other custom furniture installation
Curtains and other furniture selection and installation

Minimaja disain
Väikemajade ehitus
Minimajade ehitus

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