Building a house


Owning our own house has been a dream of many of us since childhood. To ensure that the house is also beautiful, functional and energy-efficient, it is wise to involve professionals from the start of the process.

  • Identification of project conditions (indicative)
  • Preparation of preliminary cost estimates for design and construction works and agreement with the Contracting Authority
  • Design and project coordination with the Contracting Authority and the local authority.
  • Preparation of detailed construction cost estimates
  • Conclusion of a contract
  • Demolition (if necessary)
  • Construction
  • Finishing and installation work
  • Handover of the works to the Contracting Authority and submission of the certificate of occupancy to the municipality.

Site survey
We meet with the Client to get as accurate an idea as possible of what they are thinking about building.

Get a quote
After a review, we will prepare a quote, taking into account your specific requirements.

Planning the work and sharing information
Before construction starts, the site manager prepares a comprehensive action plan. During the works, the Contracting Authority will be kept informed of the various work processes and will be kept informed of the planned activities.

Handover of works and training
Completed works are handed over to the Contracting Entity. If necessary, training will be provided (heating and ventilation system, parquet maintenance, etc.).

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