Building a house

Building a house, energy efficient private house

Owning our own house has been a dream of many of us since childhood. To ensure that the house is also beautiful, functional and energy-efficient, it is wise to involve professionals from the start of the process.

Building houses turnkey

Makro Ehitus OÜ offers a complete house building service, starting with design and finishing with interior finishing, custom-made furniture and landscaping. Our aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction from the first consultation to the handover of the keys. Here’s an overview of the service: a turnkey house building service to help you understand the process and our commitment.

House Construction Planning

Successful house building starts with careful planning. At Makro Ehitus OÜ, we start the process with an individual consultation to understand the needs and preferences of your dream home. We will then prepare a detailed quotation, including design, approvals and construction works, together with the necessary materials.

Conclusion of a contract

The quotation will be followed by detailed pre-contractual negotiations, during which we will clarify the content of the quotation and adjust it together with the Contracting Entity to the desired final result. Signature will take place once all the details have been discussed and agreed.

design and application for a building permit

Building houses is a longer process. To start with, we will draw up a design for the house, taking into account the Client’s wishes and needs. Once the project has been approved by the Contracting Authority, we will help you to complete all the necessary bureaucratic processes, including the application for a building permit. We make sure all requirements are met and documentation is in order.


If necessary, we will demolish existing buildings to make way for a new house.

Building the foundation

The foundation of any house is a solid foundation. For a detached house, we usually use a tape or slab foundation, which is durable and ensures the stability of the building.

Construction of walls

There are a wide range of options for building walls – mainly using timber frames or different types of stone.

Roof works. Roof insulation

We build the roof frame and install all the necessary technological layers. Roof insulation is very important, and it’s certainly a job that can’t be compromised on – we use the best insulation boards and other materials needed to make the house as energy efficient as possible. Roof tile installation, sheet metal installation, eternite installation, bitumen roofing installation – these are just some of the materials we work with. Finally, a rainwater system, and be sure to direct rainwater away from the house so it doesn’t run under the foundation! For more on roofing, see:


Insulating the facade. façade works

There are a number of different ways to insulate a façade. Different types of houses also require different insulation work. We use systemic solutions, which may not always be the cheapest solution, but which ensure a warm house, a good indoor climate and long-term structural integrity. Wood cladding installation, cladding plastering, fibre cement board installation, cladding sheet installation, stone cladding installation, lamella brick installation, combined cladding – these are the keywords of our skills and experience. The windows and doors are installed, the plinth and foundation are insulated and finished, and the façade is complete. For more on facades, see:

Installation of communications

Heating system installation: air-to-water, geothermal, gas and other solutions; including installation of underfloor heating pipework.

Ventilation works: we install a smart ventilation system with thermal adjustment, which makes a significant contribution to energy savings and, thanks to various sensors, ensures an extremely pleasant indoor climate.

Electrical work: we have been involved in the installation of extremely complex and interesting systems.

Water and sewerage: we carry out both internal and external works.

Interior works and Finishing

Makro Ehitus OÜ offers a wide range of interior finishing materials and designs. Our aim is to create an interior that suits your taste and lifestyle. Take a look at the gallery of our work and surprise us with interesting wishes!

  • Identification of project conditions (indicative)
  • Preparation of preliminary cost estimates for design and construction works and agreement with the Contracting Authority
  • Design and project coordination with the Contracting Authority and the local authority.
  • Preparation of detailed construction cost estimates
  • Conclusion of a contract
  • Demolition (if necessary)
  • Construction
  • Finishing and installation work
  • Handover of the works to the Contracting Authority and submission of the certificate of occupancy to the municipality.

Site survey
We meet with the Client to get as accurate an idea as possible of what they are thinking about building.

Get a quote
After we have an overview, we will prepare a quote, including any special requests.

Planning the work and sharing information
Before construction starts, the site manager prepares a comprehensive action plan. During the works, the Contracting Authority will be kept informed of the various work processes and will be kept informed of the planned activities.

Handover of works and training
Completed works are handed over to the Contracting Entity. If necessary, training will be provided (heating and ventilation system, parquet maintenance, etc.).

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