We build pitched and flat roofs. Our roofing services include: tin roof, stone roof, eternite roof and bitumen roof.

The roof protects the building structure and finishes from rain. If the roof is in good condition, the house will last a long time. That’s why we recommend checking the condition of your roof from time to time and undertaking renovation work if necessary. If the roof lets water through, it will have a negative effect on the whole house: the finish layers will be damaged and, most critically, structural parts that are often not visible at first will be damaged. The indoor climate also suffers and the quality of life declines. If the roof has been in a bad condition for too long, it can lead to the need to build a new roof structure, and the replacement of other parts of the wooden structure becomes unavoidable, or even, less frequently, the whole house has to be demolished and rebuilt.

Roof insulation
Roof insulation is necessary if you want to control energy costs. A very large proportion of heat escapes from the house through the roof and ceiling. A thoroughly insulated roof is a worthwhile investment for today and tomorrow. To make your investment even better, check out the following additional articles Façade works and House renovation.

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